Our mission at Vertical Online is to help brands, both big and small, create films and content that will connect with their audience. We’ve recently completed a few storytelling films for some amazing businesses and we’ve learned some valuable lessons along the way.

We are in the midst of a major cultural shift in the way we produce, consume and share media these days. We think there’s a fundamental change in advertising – where goodwill, transparency and honest storytelling can build relationships between customers and brands. A brand storytelling project can demonstrate what the brand stands for, frame a conversation and help amplify the brand narrative.


We believe that social is one of the best things that has happened in advertising, as consumers can now call BS on traditional ‘push’ advertising tactics. We love the idea of brands putting emotion, values and story first.

Here are a few points to consider when creating a storytelling campaign:

  • Focus on the love, passion and expertise of the customer.
  • Find the honesty and humanity in the story.
  • Branded content is about giving more and taking less.
  • Inspired consumers are the best brand advocates.
  • Relationships are based on a shared set of values.
  • Authenticity can determine the frequency of how the story gets retold.

    Founded by Tony Patella and Pete Searson, Tellason jeans are 100% American made. Everything is cut and sewn in small batches in San Francisco, the birthplace of the blue jean. These guys are passionate about what they do, committed to an artisan approach and putting authenticity back into blue jeans

    For the ‘Tellason Stories Series’ we set out to explore the spirit and sensibilities of the Tellason user and to share their unique stories. These profile films are all about the the customer, their values and their passion. We love marketing with this kind of restraint – and it’s great to see these stories being spread by denim-heads around the globe.







    In what may be the coolest marketing campaign ever, Tellason Denim reached out to some of their wearers to get a look inside their daily lives and show the versatility of their denim. coolmaterial.com

    In our eyes, the constant here is the shared ethos that comes from a pioneering spirit for the individual craft in these stories. Plus, we really like motorcycles, raw denim jeans and a good cappuccino!


    The goal of traditional marketing is to activate buyers. Traditional marketing is primarily focused on the features, benefit and the value proposition of the offering. It’s a push strategy.

    Branding, on the other hand, is about relationships. It’s about putting the customer first and creating brand advocates. Would you share that film, story, or piece of media simply because you love it? We use that as the guiding principal for the work we do. It’s really that simple.

    We believe that the power of the human experience, people, their craft and their character are the key to an interesting story — and telling those stories is something that we thrive on here at Vertical Online.