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User stories

We set out to explore the spirit and sensibilities of the Tellason user and to share their unique stories. For our first film in the series we’re featuring Todd Blubaugh. Todd is a brilliant photographer, artist, graphic designer and motorcycle builder who loves to document two-wheeled adventures with a camera.


Personal project

Marty has been photographing the landscapes of Northern California and the surrounding areas near Point Reyes for over 25 years. His work portrays the coastal wilderness area in the classic manner of the great American landscape photographer.


User stories

In the second film for our Tellason series we’re featuring Jeremy Tooker. Jeremy is a coffee craftsman and the owner of Four Barrel Coffee in San Francisco. He is dedicated to sourcing the best seasonal single-farm-origin beans from around the world and coupling that with impeccable roasting. We also learned that he is a tireless entrepreneur who regularly works 60-80 hours a week in pursuit of the perfect cup of coffee.

#whyMTB Chapter 4: Evergreen MTB Alliance

User stories

In this fourth chapter in the Kitsbow series we’re introduced to the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance — a Seattle area advocacy and trail-building group committed to making Washington State one of the best places in the United States to ride a mountain bike. With a résumé featuring successful bike festivals, ride parks, urban unification projects, and incredible backcountry-caliber trails, there are fewer organizations that know how to bring people together to ride better than Evergreen.


User stories

In the third film for the Tellason series we’re featuring punk rock legend John Doe. Best known as the frontman of the seminal L.A punk band X, John shares with us his mesmerizing talent along with his passion for horses


Product launch film

Kitsbow is a brand-new “by-mountain-bikers-for-mountain-bikers company” focused on making the world’s finest mountain biking apparel. Kitsbow’s high-end technical clothing is made to meet the demands of advanced and recreational mountain bike riders who appreciate function, craftsmanship, and style.


Brand story

Tellason jeans are made from the best denim in the world and are designed for the guy who cares about quality, authenticity and durability. The White Oak Cone selvage denim is cut and sewn in San Francisco, USA. Founders Tony Patella and Pete Searson are committed to an artisan approach and to honor the rich denim history of San Francisco. These jeans are simply beautiful.


Brand story

Above Category is a high-end boutique bicycle shop located in Mill Valley, California. Above Category is a leader in the trend toward the smaller, intimate shop with a stunning collection of hand picked products. AC has earned a loyal following of cycling enthusiasts from around the globe.


Brand story

The ONE OF Collection is a beautiful line of knitwear, all hand made in Northern California. Each garment is unique and individually crafted by owner Kenlynn Wilson. The line features beautiful patterns and classic silhouettes that are flattering for women of all ages. Seeing the level of craft, care and love that goes into creating each garment gives you a true appreciation for the passion behind the brand.